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Russia may launch search engine called SPUTNIK !!

In 2014, in runet earn new search engine "Sputnik", which develops "Rostelecom", told " Vedomosti" staff of several Internet companies. This search engine will be located at the address : Now "Rostelecom" actively hiring developers in large companies headings - " Yandex », Group and Google, etc. According to sources , "Vedomosti" , the search engine will finish in 3-4 months and will promote the " state-level " - with the help of defaults in government and state-owned companies .

Representatives of "Rostelecom" conduct interviews with the developers , " Yandex " and Group, confirmed by sources in these companies . Google employee told " Vedomosti" that of the Hunting of the state operator did not hear , but Google is almost no Russian programmers who are doing exactly this search: they are all in California.

This is translated form Russian language through Google translator tool  link for the original Russian newspaper site